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with starting point from Berghof Brunner

Hello bikers!

Here you can find our tour suggestions for your MOHO holiday. These are divided into 3 categories, with different contents and focal points. (Signed on the end of the tour description). So you can always choose the right tour for yourself – depending on your energy, desire and mood:

„Ride & Hike Touren“:
The most beautiful mountains, heights and alpine pastures are being conquered here, on rather rough routes – with partly unpaved roads, along border-crossing saddles & passes, across Carinthia, Styria, Slovenia & Italy – for conquering!

„Ride & Swim Touren“:
Swimming and mountain lakes and the Adriatic Sea – combined with saddles, passes & insider tips around Carinthia, Styria & Slovenia are the focus of these special tours.

„Ride & Romance Touren“:
Idyllic regions, culinary delights, insider couple tips & pleasant thermal water, paired with curvy highs & lows across Carinthia, Slovenia and Styria are producing these romantic tours. Re-experience your love! With couple plus factor.

The most beautiful motorcycle roads

there is a lot to discover in our surroundings

- Seeberg saddle 1.218 m
- Schaida saddle 1.068 m
- Paulitsch saddle 1.338 m
- Klopeiner See Tour
- Around Lake Wörthersee

….and many other routes!

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Only a dormant body of water becomes clear again.

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