Location & arrival


Where are we located

Away from the traffic noise above the village of Bad Eisenkappel, like an eagle’s nest, you will live with us in a sunny, absolutely quiet panoramic position on the edge of the forest.

The Climate

Eisenkappel-Vellach (558m above sea level) is the southernmost market town in Austria. The wind-protected valley, the sunny and above all fog-free location have, after many years of measurements, become a spa and climatic health resort.

In summer the air is pleasantly fresh, there are few thunderstorms, very rarely hail, no accumulation of damp-cold air masses and especially in autumn only rarely fog! The good air, the drinking water quality of the rivers and streams are a special hallmark of our municipality.

Bad Eisenkappel is a climate protection municipality and currently Austria’s only spa and climatic health resort. Eisenkappel-Vellach is influenced by three climate zones. The air is low in pollen, free of smoke and dust!


How to find us

Coming from Vienna:
South Motorway (A2) to exit Völkermarkt Ost, Völkermarkt, Kühnsdorf, Sittersdorf, Miklauzhof, Bad Eisenkappel

Coming from Salzburg:
Tauern motorway (A10) to exit Grafenstein, Grafenstein, Gallizien, Bad Eisenkappel

If you are in town:
Drive in the direction of the city centre, after the Eni petrol station take the first exit left for 1 km, then turn left at the crossroads for 0.5 km

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